Schoo Flemming

is an award winning photographer/filmmaker whose work focuses on fine art, landscape and portraiture.

South Africa based German photographer Schoo Flemming has studied photography and filmmaking and has been working as a freelance video editing supervisor and photographer for more than 15 years.
He took part in a wide range of professional German tv productions such as tv advertising, documentaries, features, business-to-business communicaton, political campaigns (Germany nationwide) and was member of the team that was awarded with Corporate Media "Member of the European Masterclass".
He also was significantly involved in a production for childrens` television that was awarded with Germany´s most prestigious tv-award, the "Grimme Preis" in 2012.

Apart of his commercial achievements Schoo Flemming has ever since traveled the world with his photo camera and is  more and more devoted to professional photographic artwork.

Schoo Flemming received three nominations in

categories "landscape" and "fine art" at

Fine Art Photography Awards London, UK, 2016

He currently lives in Cape Town, South Africa. 

FH Dortmund, University of Applied Sciences and Arts.
Diploma 1999.

For more information on Schoo's work, to get in touch regarding publishing or international exhibition opportunities, or to just send smileys hugs and kisses or say hello, feel free to get in touch.